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Course Creation Forums
Discuss your course creation challenges and get answers from our community and experts in a variety of dedicated forums. This is the only fashion industry forum of its kind.
Progress Logs and Action Plans
Keep moving forward by making yourself accountable to your peers by posting progress logs and action plans to meet your course creation goals.
Request Constructive Feedback
Get free feedback from our community on any aspect of your course creation and marketing efforts. It's often valuable to get a second pair of eyes or more looking over your work to spot the things you've missed because your too close to it.
Collaborate with Others
Join other fashion subject experts and collaborate in creating courses you both feel passionate about. Share the work load and bring added value to your courses. Inspire and support each other to create a winning course.
Equipment and Software
Learn about the latest in the tools, equipment and software for creating your courses. Join discussions specifically on the products you have chosen to use.
Further Your Knowledge
Immerse yourself in the Academy discussions and learn from your peers. Find out how they've overcome the challenges on their journey to becoming a fashion course entrepreneur.